Centre for Smart Transportation


Essential to the success of the CST are its Centre and Project Partners. These partners are organizations that operate in public and private sectors related to the CST’s research expertise in the transportation field.


Centre Partners are the key champions for the CST outside the university and comprise the CST Steering Committee. Through their participation in the CST Steering Committee and their investment of knowledge, experience, and financial support, Centre Partners influence the direction and long-term sustainability of the CST. Centre Partners and CST researchers serving on the Steering Committee will set goals, priorities, and performance measures as well as identifying 8-10 research themes each year. These themes not only address real-life transportation issues, but also capitalize on the CST’s unique resources in expertise and technology. By leveraging a combination of university, government, and industry support, the CST Steering Committee ensures that the individual projects that participate in these research themes have the broadest possible impact.

Project Partners collaborate with CST researchers on new or existing projects initiated under the direction of the Steering Committee. Whether cooperating with the CST alone or as part of a larger leveraging effort, Project Partners gain practical insight into a real-life problem their organization has encountered as well as the resources necessary to solve it.

Both Centre and Project partners benefit from their relationship with the CST in a number of ways. In addition to the solutions developed in specific projects, partners gain access to new technologies and practices relevant to their needs, highly qualified personnel with on-site training, and a variety of short courses, workshops and training seminars. As our collaborations work to flesh out the larger research themes, individual partner organizations also benefit from the improving overall quality and comprehensiveness of the CST’s knowledge base and services.