Centre Partners

The Centre for Smart Transportation advances its mandate in collaboration with the following organizations:


Alberta Transportation

Alberta Transportation is the ministry of the Government of Alberta responsible for planning, developing, and preserving a safe, affordable, and sustainable transportation system for Albertans. It also works to promote these interests at all levels of government, national and international trade agreements, and regulatory harmonization.


The City of Edmonton

The City of Edmonton, Transportation Services, is responsible for providing a safe, reliable, and integrated transportation network for the needs of Edmonton's growing population. It oversees the planning, maintenance, and operation of the City's roads, trails, sidewalks, and transit system as well as the transportation network's infrastructure.


Edmonton Transit System

Edmonton Transit System (ETS) provides customer-focused, safe, reliable and affordable public transit services that link people and places. ETS provides more than 2.0 Million service hours annually using 969 buses, 74 Light Rail Vehicles and 98 DATS vehicles to deliver over 80.2 Million rides (bus and LRT) and over 927,000 DATS trips.


Office of Traffic Safety

Edmonton's Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) makes Edmonton's roads and communities safer. OTS delivers programs to cut collisions, reduce speeding, deter risky driving, reduce impaired driving, increase seat belt use, involve citizens in traffic safety initiatives, and evaluate traffic data for effective traffic management and enforcement.


Transport Canada

Transport Canada is responsible for policies, programs, andtechnological research, development and innovationfor a safe, secure, efficient, and environmentally responsible transportation network for Canadians. Transport Canada reports to the Government of Canada's Ministry of Transportation, Infrastructure and Communities.


 Edmonton International Airport

Edmonton International Airport is Canada's fastest growing and largest major airport by area. Edmonton International serves over 6.5 million passengers a year and offers non-stop service to over 50 destinations across Canada, the US and overseas. In addition to passenger operations, the EIA also oversees air cargo operations and the Villeneuve Airport.


Alberta Motor Transport Association

The Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) is a province-wide, not-for-profit association that provides a voice for Alberta's highway transportation industry. AMTA represents the highway transportation industry at provincial and national levels for issues such as regulations, border crossings, taxation, safety, the environment, and the future of trucking.


Intelligent Imaging Systems Inc.

Intelligent Imaging Systems Inc. (IIS) provides transportation and law enforcement agencies with the industry's most technologically advanced tools to make the goals of safety and security more efficient and effective. IIS is an innovator of some of the most advanced imaging systems, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of agency field operations.



As a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of Intelligent Imaging Systems, Drivewyze partners with industry and government stakeholders to deliver time saving and cost-effective driving solutions to commercial vehicle operators and carriers. Drivewyzeis an innovative technology service provider committed to improving road safety and efficiency for everyone.


 EPCOR Technologies

EPCOR Technologies operates a competitive engineering, procurement and construction business that has a long track record of successful project design and delivery. EPCOR technologies provides ITS solutions to address modern-day traffic challenges. EPCOR technologies aims to reduce energy consumption and positively impact the environment.