Multimodal Transportation

Advancing Methods for Understanding Multimodal Transportation Characteristics

This research has three major objectives:

  • To improve our understanding of multimodal intercity transportation, particularly key evolving relationships between demand and service characteristics;
  • To demonstrate how we can utilize new data sources to build more comprehensive, integrated, and meaningful sources of intercity travel trends to better understand these dynamic relationships;
  • To improve methods used to compare critical intercity transportation investment and policy decisions.

In addition, we will explore the feasibility of using Rogers' data resources to estimate origin-destination trips for large-scale traffic analysis zones. We will adopt an algorithm, which has been successfully used in other cities, to conduct a pilot test in the City of Edmonton and in the Edmonton-Calgary travel corridor.

Anticipated duration: 5 years (April 2013 - March 2019)

Participating agencies: NSERC Discovery Grant; Alberta Transportation