Centre for Smart Transportation

Traffic Safety

Develop and Evaluate an Integrated Speed Management Program to Improve Safety on Queen Elizabeth II Highway within City of Leduc

Anticipated duration: 2017-2018

Participating agency: the City of Leduc

Safety Prediction Modelling and Deployment of SafetyAnalyst Software

Anticipated duration: 2017-2018

Participating agency: Alberta Transportation

Improving Safety of Roads through Speed Management

This research program proposes a comprehensive speed-management solution. The major component of this research program will develop an expert system for selecting optimal speed-management countermeasures and treatments that address specific speeding problems. The system will combine information on driver behaviours, road geometry, and other speed- and safety-related data in a knowledge base to identify potential speed-management countermeasures. In support of this development, the proposed research program will first investigate the effects of road design and roadside environment on speeds and speeding-related accidents. This information will then form the basis of a novel algorithm to predict speed on roads. These components will not only enhance the knowledge base of the expert system, but also address speed management during the design phase.

Anticipated duration: 5 years (April 2013 – March 2020)

Participating agency: NSERC Discovery Grant