Call for Posters

Call for Posters Now Open

We are accepting poster submissions that fit with the theme of Transportation Innovation Driving Smart Cities for ICTI 2018.

To have your poster considered, please submit a brief abstract (200-300 words) on the topic of your poster.

Some suggested topics include:

  • Changing Travel Behaviour in the Connected Era
  • Connected Vehicle-based Road Weather Data Collection and Application
  • Urban mobility and Safety: Creating Smart Transport Systems
  • Transportation Infrastructure Assets Management
  • Low-Carbon Transportation in Smart Cities
  • Smart Accessibility for Smart Cities
  • Cycling in Smart Cities
  • Planning for Data Needs for Clean, Smart Cities and the Electric Vehicle-Autonomous Vehicle-Shared Vehicles
  • Application Big Data Analytics / Internet of Things (IoT) to Smart Data for Traffic and Transport System Optimization
  • Connected Spaces - Using Big Data, IoT, Crowdsourcing for Improved Mobility and Safety
  • Autonomous and Connected Vehicles
  • Transformational Technology
  • GIS and Remote Sensing Applications

Submit to:

Dr. Tae J. Kwon


The deadline for submission has been extended to August 29th.