Engineered Wood Products

The following is a list of current and finished projects contributing to the development of engineered wood products.

Development and Evaluation of 5-layer Lumber-SCL Massive Timber Panel Products

It was found in this project that (1) The recommended manufacturing parameters can be used for LSL in this project with satisfactory bond performance; (2) The apparent bending stiffness EIapp, moment capacity Mr and shear capacity Vr of a 5-layer CLP in the major strength direction are up to 43%, 87% and 142% respectively higher than those of a 5-layer CLT, when LSL is used in the three longitudinal layers and and lumber parallel to grain is used in the two transverse layers; (3) The apparent modulus of elasticity of MTP beams can be measured both by static bending and vibration tests with good correlation; (4) The predicted apparent bending stiffness EIapp and shear capacity Vr agree well with measured values for CLP, but bending moment capacity was not predicted well using the bending strength of the lamination; (5) The connection properties of CLP are higher than CLT in terms of capacity when the side member is steel plate; (6) CLP has the best connection performance using concrete side member and with the self-tapping screws inserted at 30˚ to the vertical axis.

HQP (RA): Jan Niederwestberg & Jianhui Zhou (2016.07-2017.12)

Funding: Alberta Innovates