MTPC Composite System Bending Test

Shear Test on Screw Connected TCC Joint

Shear Test on Notch Connected TCC Joint

Research activities within ARTS include projects funded under the NSERC Industrial Research Chair (IRC) program, and those funded by the industry, and other federal and provincial government programs. The main focus of the activities is on mass timber and its applications in large and tall structures. There are two research tracks under the NSERC IRC in Engineered Wood and Building Systems. Track 1 investigates the use of mass timber panels as lateral load resisting systems (LLRS) in balloon frame construction, while the research of track 2 is intended to develop design procedures and construction details for mass timber panel - concrete composite floor systems that meet the structural, acoustic and fire performance requirements of building codes. While cross laminated timber (CLT) is the main mass timber panel product (MTP) being considered in the research due to current interest in CLT, other MTP products, such as structural composite lumber (SCL) and glued laminated timber (GLT), are also included in the program. Given the critical role played by connections, especially those fabricated with self-tapping screws, in the types of building system considered in both tracks, a number of the IRC projects focus largely on behaviour of self-tapping screw connections.

In addition to the IRC program, there is ongoing research on mid-rise light wood frame building systems, and development of innovative engineered wood products.

Finally it should be stated that the majority of the research projects are motivated by the needs to address gaps in building codes and design standards, or to develop innovative building solutions for wood construction. As a result, efforts will be made to implement the research findings in codes and standards or to disseminate the findings to industry and practitioners through technical publications.

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