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Predicting the Racking Performance of Wood Shear Wall Systems with Insulated Sheathing (Rui Liu)

Wood shear wall systems with insulated sheathing are commonly implemented to meet a higher standard of building energy efficiency. Adding a layer of continuous thermal insulation exterior to the cavity insulation, insulated sheathing, to reduce thermal bridging is getting more popular in practice. The impact of the intermediated insulation on racking performance of shear walls has recently been investigated by experimental studies. The test data provides better understanding on the influence of various construction configurations. Nevertheless, there is a need to provide an alternative approach which enables engineers to calculate the design capacities of shear walls with insulated sheathing. In this project, the available analytical models and approaches for determining shear resistances of shear walls are reviewed and compared. A new modified analytical model will be developed based on comparisons and the test results.

Development of Mass Timber Panel-Concrete Composite Floor Span Table (Jialin Li)

An increasingly popular wood composite floor system consists of a Mass Timber Panel (MTP) connected to a concrete slab or topping with mechanical connectors such as Self-Tapping Screw (STS) with a sound insulation layer in between the MTP and concrete. Allowable floor span for this type of MTP-Concrete (MTPC) composite system is often governed by serviceability performance requirements, such as deflection and vibration, which are directly dependent on the stiffness of the interlayer connection, while the system capacity mostly depends on the strength of the connection. The majority of timber design standards around the world do not address the design for this type of MTPC composite floor system. An Analytical model was developed in this study to better predict effective bending stiffness, bending moment capacity and failure mode of MTPC composite floor systems. The developed model was used to generate allowable spans for MTPC floors which were presented in the usual wood floor span table format. Such allowable floor span tables would facilitate the design of MTPC floor systems.

State-of-the-art report on seismic performance of metal fasteners in tall CLT shear wall systems (Andy Ha)

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is an innovative engineered wood product being acknowledged and utilized around the world and is pushing the height limitations of mass timber construction. As its adoption in tall structures is rising, the impact of seismic forces on these structures need to be explored further in depth. Past experiments conducted around the world have concluded that the behavior of the panel system is largely dictated by the use and type of metal connections. The focus of this research will be a review of previous experiments conducted on CLT connections, panels and structures, as well as an interpretation of their results to determine the effects of metal connection types.