Mid-rise Light Frame Wood Construction

Small scale diaphragm test

The following is a list of current and finished projects contributing to the development of mid-rise light frame wood construction.

Investigation of Wood I-joists for Floor Applications in Mid-rise Wood Construction

The overall objective of the proposed project is to develop technical information that supports the use of wood I-joists with sawn lumber flanges in mid-rise building construction in western Canada where the design seismic load is relatively high.

HQP (PDF): Sigong Zhang (2018.01-)

Funding: MITACS Accelerate

Development of rigging system for prefabricated engineered wood floor panels

The objective of this research is to develop efficient panel-to-panel connection details, and optimum floor configuration, including rigging details, for handling in the factory and at the construction site. Computer modelling will be conducted to develop preliminary recommendations on panel-to-panel connection details and optimum floor panel configuration. These recommendations will then be validated by a testing program in the laboratory.

HQP (PDF): Sigong Zhang (2018.04-)

Funding: NSERC Engage