Consortium for Engineered Trenchless Technologies (CETT)


As the IRC in Underground Trenchless Construction, Dr. Bayat will pay particular attention will be directed to the application of the underground technologies in cold climates, a ubiquitous concern in several regions, and especially in Alberta. Two primary technologies, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and microtrenching (MT), will be key processes to the IRC research. HDD is integral for pipeline installation, and especially for rehabilitation. While current rehabilitation efforts involve open-cut, the use of HDD will eliminate a large portion of the project’s cost and allow cracks and fractures in pipes to be fixed with relative ease. MT is especially advantageous for the installation of new telecommunication networks, and the IRC will be working with TELUS Communications to equip Alberta with fibre optic cables, allowing faster and more accessible internet access directly to the home.

Dr. Bayat will train high quality personnel and work with university researchers and industry professionals to cultivate a team of investigators in order to advance trenchless innovations. As NSERC’s IRC, Dr. Bayat will seek to revolutionize the way current and new underground installations occur, bringing trenchless technologies to the forefront of the construction world, and making them the first choice for construction.