Graduate Students

Sherif Ahmed

Research field: Hydrodynamics and water quality modeling in lakes, reservoirs; Hydrosystems and water management engineering




Mahmud Rashedul Amin (Rashed)

Research field: Scour in cohesionless soils by stationary and traveling jets




Arlette Femandez

Research field: Stormwater management and urban watershed modelling





Rajib Kamal

Research field: Environmental hydraulics with focus on interfacial mass transfer, and mass transport dynamics and mixing in hydro-environmental systems.



Pengcheng Li

Research field: total dissolved gas generation in stilling basin; air/water flow regime downstream of spillway; energy dissipation in stormwater pond; numerical modeling.



Pengcheng Letian Sun

Research field: Mass transfer in the sewer system.




Yangbo Tang

Research field: prediction of sediment removal efficiency in different catchbasins; sediment moves in storm sewer, and the optimized designs help to increase sediment removal efficiency in storm sewer inlets and reduce sediment deposit in pipes.




Zhi Yang

Research field: Sewer odour & corrosion mitigation; Industrial wastewater treatment and nutrient removal.




Zhi Yang