Chemical + Materials Engineering

The information on this page is intended for students who have been admitted to one of the following programs:

  • Chemical
    • Bioprocessing & Biomanufacturing Option
    • Clean Energy & Sustainable Process Systems Option
    • Computer Process Control Option
    • Oil Sands Elective
    • CPC/Oil Sands
  • Materials

 Program-Specific Notes

  • CHEM 261 should be taken in the Fall term. All Winter and Spring term seats are reserved for students in the Science program. If you do not successfully complete the course in Fall, you will need to contact the Chemistry department to see if they can accommodate you in the Winter or Spring term.
  • If you have taken British A level curriculum and want credit for CHEM 261 or additional credits, please email  by August 15.


Electives for Chemical and Materials programs that are offered by the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department will be scheduled in Summer (these course codes begin with CH E, CME, or MAT E). A complete list of course offerings will be emailed to students by the department in the summer once the list has been finalized.

Last Update: July 23, 2024