Job Posting Tips

Job seekers tell us that they tend to be most interested in job postings that provide them with the clearest understanding of: what the challenges and opportunities of the job are, what the work environment is like, and how the position fits into the organizational structure.

To attract the right applicants your posting should:

  • Provide an overview of your company and work culture,
  • Identify the main challenges and/or opportunities the position offers,
  • Define the key duties and responsibilities that the new hire would have,
  • Specify the minimum "must have" qualifications an applicant needs to have,
  • Identify any additional "nice to have" qualifications that would be considered an asset, and
  • Indicate the key competencies you are looking for applicants to display.

Additional details that are also useful to applicants include:

  • Application Deadline
  • Application Instructions
  • Targeted disciplines
  • Tentative Start Date
  • Duration of the position (Temporary, Permanent, Part-time, Full-time)
  • Number of Positions Available
  • Location
  • Travel Requirements
  • Relevant Links

Application Deadline: Be sure to specify the closing date for your posting. We recommend a three to four week life-span for a posting. If a closing date is not provided, your opportunity will be posted for three weeks.

Application Instructions: Employers can request that applicants apply directly to them via email or online, or that they apply via the Engineering Employment Centre. If you prefer to receive the resumes from all interested individuals as a single packet (PDF format), please indicate this when submitting your posting. The EEC will then collect the resumes and email them to you on the first business day following the application deadline.

Tentative Start Date: Specify whether you are looking for someone to start immediately, within the next month or so, or in January or May of next year.

Location and/or Travel Requirements: Be sure to specify where the position is located, and whether or not accommodations are provided. Also if applicable, specify the type of travel (i.e., local, national, international) and estimated percentage of time it will require of the successful candidate.

If required our Employment Coordinators can assist you in developing your job posting. Please contact our office at for assistance.