Post Your Graduate Research Opportunity

Looking to add a graduate student or postdoc to your research team? Post your opportunity with us and have it seen by over 5,500 undergrad and grad students, and more than 20,000 alumni.

Graduate Research opportunities can be submitted using our online form, or by emailing the required information to us at:

Information Required to Post:

  • Name and address of your university / research group
  • Name, title, phone, and email information of the key contact person
  • Job title and / or a short descriptive title for research opportunity (i.e., MSc Research Assistant - Designing Materials Against Dynamic Failure)
  • Research opportunity description
  • Deadline date for applications
  • Targeted engineering disciplines
  • Requested application materials (cover letter, resume, transcript, etc.)
  • Application instructions (apply via email, website, or online through the EEC)
  • Anticipated start date (i.e., January 2018, September 2018)

Writing your Research Opportunity Description

Please include the following details in your description:

Project description: Overview of research scope and purpose; Identification of whether the research is: collaborative or independent, theoretical or applied; and Specifying any industry partners/stakeholders (if applicable).

Specialized Training & Skills Development: Identification of the key intellectual, technical, and transferable skills the successful applicant will acquire.

Qualifications: Identifying mandatory (i.e., degree(s) completed, minimum GPA) and desired qualifications.

For more description writing tips, see Job Posting Tips.