Program Help

Registration deadlines for 13-week Engineering classes (May 7 - Aug 3) have changed!

Last day to Add/Drop: May 18 - Students will need assistance after May 10, please email

Withdrawal: July 18 - For more information on non-standard deadlines, visit the Office of the Registrar

Final exam information is available on our Exam Schedule page.

The Faculty of Engineering offers you a schedule of courses enabling you to successfully pursue a career in the field of engineering. First year students will enroll in a common general year of classes.

Students admitted to the second year of study in the Faculty of Engineering will follow a specific course sequence dependent on the program of study that they have been admitted to.

For more information, students can consult the University of Alberta Academic Calendar. Students in the Traditional program should consult Engineering Chart 1 in Section 84.3 for information on the required courses and suggested courses sequence for their program.

Students in Co-op programs should consult Engineering Chart 2 in Section 84.4 for information on the required courses and suggested course sequence for their program.

Technical Electives are listed in Section 84.5 of the calendar and Complimentary Studies Electives are listed in Section 84.6.

Course listings including course descriptions, fee index, and prerequisite requirements are available as a PDF in Section 231 of the calendar or through Bear Tracks.

Students are also advised to contact their department advisors for additional information.