Program Advising from the Undergraduate Student Services Office

Changing Programs

Engineering Students Seeking Admission to a Different Program

This information is for students who are currently registered in a program in the Faculty of Engineering.

Students in other University of Alberta faculties who are interested in transferring to the Faculty of Engineering should review Applying to Engineering and review procedures pertaining to students in other faculties on campus.

The Faculty of Engineering encourages you to choose to rank all of your programs appropriately on your Program Selection Form to ensure the greatest opportunity for you to be admitted into a program of your choice. The possibility of changing your program after admission is extremely limited.

Each discipline specific or second-year program specialization has a limited number of spaces. Students who have not been admitted previously to one of these specialization programs are given preference in the admissions process and are admitted before any students seeking to change their admission to a different specialization program. Students seeking to change their program specialization will be accommodated on a space available basis. In order to be eligible for admission to a different specialization, students must be in satisfactory standing and must have completed a minimum of eight courses contained in academic terms three and four of their existing specialization program as specified in Section 84 of the University Calendar.

Admission Requirements and Process
Admission of students into any remaining spaces will be done on the basis of their admission average. Students with the highest admission average are admitted first. This average is calculated based on the courses from academic terms three and four of the student's existing specialization program. If a student has taken courses within the Faculty which are not part of their existing specialization program, such courses are included in the admission average calculation but are assigned a grade of F. In the case where all program space is full, special consideration for admission will only be given where a student has met the preceding requirements and has also achieved a minimum admission average of 3.5.

Admission from the Co-op route in one program to the Co-op route in another program is approved on the following basis: if a student would have qualified for Co-op in the new discipline on the basis of academic performance in the qualifying year, the student can continue in Co-op. Otherwise, the student is admitted to the traditional degree route when moving to a new discipline. Students who were not initially admitted into the Co-op route cannot subsequently be admitted into the Co-op route in a new specialization program.

Degree Requirements
Students who are admitted to another program must still complete their degree program in the six-year time limit for from the date of their admission to their original specialization program. The six-year time limit is not extended if a student is admitted to a different program.

Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to move between specialization programs more than once.

Admission to a Different Program Process

  1. The deadline to apply for admission to a different program is 1 March.
  2. Students complete an "Admission, Readmission or Internal Transfers" application form and submit it together with the application fee to the Office of the Registrar. It is recommended that students apply online.
  3. Students will be notified in late July of the approval or refusal of their application to a different program.