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Choose Your Minor

The Faculty of Engineering allows and encourages engineering student to take a minor. Calendar information about the minors can be found here. All information listed below is subject to change and the information in the calendar is always the primary source.

Students can take a minor in three faculties: Arts, Science and the School of Business. Rules and regulations about minors are set by the offering faculties. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they meet the requirements of their engineering degree and that of the selected minor.

Only students who meet the requirements listed below can apply to a minor:

  1. currently completing all courses of academic term 6 or above,
  2. who have not applied for convocation, and
  3. have a GPA of 3.0 or above

Please visit Student Services and speak to an Advisor with any questions, or email Students Services is located at 2-300 DICE, and advising hours are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 9:00 -11:00 am, and Monday to Friday 1:00 - 3:00 pm.

Minors available Fall 2019 or Winter 2020 and thereafter:


Engineering students may obtain a minor in a Faculty of Arts subject area of concentration (with the exception of Arts Cultural Management). All Arts minors require at least 12 senior, including at least 6 in 300-level or higher courses, though some minors require specific courses, or more credits than the minimum. See BA Honors and BA Major/Minor Requirements for specific requirements for each minor.


Engineering students may obtain a minor in a Faculty of Science concentration area subject to the requirements and pre-requisites of that area. Engineering students may not take a minor in Bioinformatics. Computer Engineering students may not take a minor in Computing Science. Engineering Physics students may not take a minor in Physics. All Science minors must have at least ★24 with at least ★6 in 300-level or higher courses. Acceptance into any minors in Science is contingent on course availability and may be restricted or closed some years.

Engineering students undertaking areas of concentration other than Mathematics must follow the course requirements provided by the concentration program (see Minors [Science]). Students should consult with advisors about course equivalencies. Students selecting areas of concentration other than Mathematics and must complete these other Science minors after completing all the requirements of their engineering program.


The MATH minor requires the following courses and can be completed, if a student timetable permits, without an additional year.

  • MATH 100 - Calculus I OR

    MATH 117 - Honors Calculus I

    MATH 101 - Calculus II OR

    MATH 118 - Honors Calculus II

    MATH 209 - Calculus III OR

    MATH 217 - Honors Advanced Calculus I

    MATH 102 - Applied Linear Algebra OR

    MATH 127 - Honors Linear Algebra I

    MATH 201 - Differential Equations

    MATH 225 - Linear Algebra II OR

    MATH 227 - Honors Linear Algebra II

    MATH 300 - Advanced Boundary Value Problems I OR

    MATH 337 - Introduction to Partial Differential Equations

    MATH 311 - Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable OR

    MATH 309 - Mathematical Methods for Electrical Engineers OR

    MATH 411 - Honors Complex Variables 

Students can apply for a Math or Science Minor as long as they meet the 3 above criteria.

Students can apply to all minors in Science and Arts as described in the calendar. Students will be admitted as they apply and if they qualify.

The application form to apply for a Minor in Arts, Science, and Math is available at this link

Fall 2019 application deadline coming soon!

Winter 2020 application deadline coming soon!

Students will be informed of their acceptance in their minor within a month of their application.


The minor in Business seeks to provide students in Engineering with introductory training in a variety of choice business areas. The Engineering Profession is unique in that it is highly analytical, yet requires consideration of business, social, and legal issues. The minor in Business was designed with a view to enabling engineering students to develop an analytical framework within which various organizational and business problems are addressed. It is envisaged that, with an ability to create solutions to these organizational and business challenges, engineering students will be better prepared and informed to serve the Profession.

Engineering students must take ECON 204 as the complementary studies elective if they choose to pursue a minor in Business.

The minor in business is restricted to 20 students per year and is only offered with a Fall term start date.

Information about the Business minor is found in this document.

The application form to apply to a minor in business is available at this link.

Deadlines for Fall 2020 Business Minor will be posted soon!

Completion of minors: Students are responsible to ensure that they meet all the area requirements of the minors. In some minor areas, listed courses may not always be offered or open to all; students should contact the specific department for additional information. Courses taken to satisfy the requirements of the engineering program can be used to satisfy the requirements of the minor program.

Engineering programs are rigid in their timetabling; minors will usually extend the length of an engineering program which must be completed within 72 months of starting a program (requirements to graduate), including additional courses from a minor. Minors should be undertaken after completing all engineering degree requirements; it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that their schedule allows for timetabling courses of their minor if they choose to complete them earlier. It is recommended that students plan their entire program prior to starting a minor and have the sequence approved by a student advisor.

Students registering in a minor are subject to the minor-related rules and requirements of the granting Faculty.