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Program Selection forms are used in the Second Year Selection Process.
Students should rank at least 10 choices of the 21 programs on the program selection form. Using this information, the Faculty of Engineering generates a Program Admission Factor (PAF) for all students. PAF is a combination generated by combining your GPA and course load. You are then admitted to your highest program choice that is consistent with your PAF.

Program Selection forms can be completed from October to April for admission in the following September. This form must be completed by all students with previous-post secondary education. If you have previously attended a post-secondary program, you must complete a program selection form, even if you believe you are not eligible for entry into a second year program.

Students in this category include applicants from:

  • Students who will have completed their qualifying year in Engineering at the University of Alberta by May 1
  • other Faculties at the University of Alberta
  • other universities or colleges
  • technical institutions such as NAIT, SAIT, BCIT and SIAST.

This is not an application form for admission to the University of Alberta. All applicants who are not already students in the Faculty of Engineering need to complete a University application form in addition to this form.

High school students (secondary education) must NOT complete this form.

You will need a University of Alberta ID number and Campus Computing ID (CCID) before you are able to complete this form. If you do not already have a University of Alberta ID number and CCID it will be necessary to apply to the University prior to the March 1 Application Deadline.

Changes to your original choices can be made by logging in to this webpage and making alterations as necessary.

Please login with your University of Alberta CCID and password.