Qualifying Year FAQ

Last Updated: May 3, 2023
What do I need to get into a Year 2 program?

Y1Q1 & Y1Q2: Complete (pass) a minimum of 30.0 units by the end of Spring term (not including ENGG 100 and 160) with a Fall/Winter GPA of at least 1.95.

Y2Q2: Clear Academic Warning in Fall term. Attempt a minimum of 28.0 units in the Fall/Winter terms and complete a minimum of 28.0 units by the end of Spring term (not including ENGG 100 and 160) with a Fall/Winter GPA of at least 1.95.

Note: You cannot be placed into another qualifying year if you meet the requirements above. There is an opportunity for you to change programs after second year. Courses taken in Summer term are not included in placement decisions. You can still be placed into discipline if your PAF falls below 2.0.

What is Year 2 Qualifying Year 2 (Y2Q2) and what courses do I take?

This is a second qualifying year for students who have successfully completed 30.0 units (not including ENGG 100 and 160) by the end of Spring term in Y1Q1 and their Fall/Winter GPA was between 1.65 - 1.94.  

In Y2Q2 you will take any courses you did not complete in Y1Q1 and choose your remaining courses from the Supplementary Course List

Learn more about Y2Q2 on our Program Placements page.

Do I need to complete all my first year courses to get into a program?

No, you only require successful completion of 30 units (not including ENGG 100 and 160) by the end of Spring term. If you are unable to take (for example) MATH 101 or EN PH 131 in Spring but you still meet the minimum unit and GPA requirements, you will get into Year 2.

Note: You must complete any missing first year courses before you graduate, which may prolong your program.

What courses can I take in Spring term to make up units?

You can take any of the following courses to make up your required units in the Spring term:

  • MATH 144 (with a grade of B+ or higher)
  • MATH 101 (or MATH 146 with a grade of B+ or higher)
  • EN PH 131
  • CHEM 103
  • CHEM 105
  • CMPUT 174 (grade of C- or higher) to meet the ENCMP 100 requirement
  • MATH 125 (grade of B- or higher) to meet the MATH 102 requirement
  • Complementary Studies Elective and/or ITS Elective

Note: Alternate courses such as MATH 125 may only be taken for credit in Spring or Summer when the Engineering course is not available.

I can’t get into EN PH 131 and/or MATH 101 in the Spring Term. What should I do?

Add these courses to your Watch List in Bear Tracks. You will be notified by email or text if space opens up in the course(s) on your Watch List. Note: This does not automatically register you in your Watch List courses: after receiving notification you must login to Bear Tracks and register in the course.

If you are unable to register in one or both of these courses and still require 30 units (not including ENGG 100 and 160) by the end of Spring term please review our FAQ What courses can I take in the Spring term to make up units?

Can I transfer to a different program/faculty outside of Engineering for the Fall term?

Students interested in transferring out of Engineering are advised to consult the University of Alberta Dates and Deadlines for Admissions and submit a new online application.

If you have questions about transfer requirements, contact Student Services in the faculty to which you wish to apply.

What is Fresh Start?

Fresh Start is a program that allows students who have been required to withdraw (RTW) to take courses outside of a degree program so they can establish satisfactory standing and be able to apply for a program elsewhere. Please visit the Fresh Start Program for more information.

Students who are eligible for the Fresh Start Program will receive a referral to that program with your academic standing letter in June. 

What is Y1Q2? Can I get into that?
Y1Q2 is for students who want to transfer into Engineering but have previously taken post-secondary courses, and who have fewer than 30.0 engineering units (not including ENGG 100 and 160) that transfer.
What GPA do I need to get into the Co-op Program?

The minimum GPA to be eligible for the Co-op Program is 2.3, but the actual cut-off may be higher depending on the specific discipline. Admission into co-op will still be based on a student's PAF and program rankings.

Students admitted to the Co-op Program must also meet the Spoken English Proficiency for Engineering Students.

I don't want to be in the program I was placed in. Can I appeal this decision?
Program placement decisions cannot be appealed. After completing one year in your assigned program, you may choose to apply for a transfer to another program. For more information on applying for a transfer, visit our Changing Programs page.
How can I switch to a different engineering program?
Please refer to our Changing Programs page for information on how to apply for a transfer to another engineering program.
How do I prove my Spoken English Proficiency (SEP)? What do I need it for?
Please consult the University Calendar for information about demonstrating English language requirements, including accepted tests and required scores. University of Alberta Calendar: Spoken English Proficiency.
If I withdraw from a course and retake it in the Spring term, will I still have a PAF deduction?
Yes. Your PAF calculation is based on Fall/Winter term registration only. Spring courses are not included.
What is the difference between the Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering - Alternate Format programs?

Students who are admitted to the Mechanical Engineering - Alternate Format program will attend courses year-round, with no semester breaks. The Alternate Format program is more commonly referred to as Mechanical Trad 2.

What is the minimum PAF needed for each program?

As PAF minimum requirements for each program will vary from year to year, we are unable to post this information.

Factors affecting the minimum PAFs in a given year include: available program space, qualifying student GPAs, and the total number of qualifying students.

When I retake a course, can I transfer my previous lab grade?

When repeating a course you must register in all course components. Once registered, please follow up with the course instructor for more information.

What happens if I am not admitted into an Engineering program?
Please meet with an Academic Advisor to review the different options available to you.
If I fail a course in the Fall term and retake the same course in Winter term, will my first attempted grade be replaced by the second passing grade?
No, both attempts will be included in your GPA calculation.