Registration Information

Registration for Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 will open the week of March 16. Please check Bear Tracks for your specific enrollment date. To determine which courses you should register in, follow the program plan in the U of A Calendar for the year you entered your discipline. Previous Calendars can be found at


Use the Schedule Builder in Bear Tracks to create timetables for both Fall and Winter terms. This will make it easier for you to build a schedule without timetable conflicts, and will be faster when you register in courses on your enrollment date. Not sure how to use Schedule Builder, or other useful tools in Bear Tracks? The Registrar's Office has a number of short instructional videos to help you navigate. Specific to Schedule Builder is Schedule Planning: Build a Draft Schedule.

When adding courses to your timetable, read the notes for enrollment or class restrictions that might affect you (Class Notes, Subject Notes, etc). For example, Math 201 in Fall 2020 is restricted to certain programs and plans until August 27. If you are not in one of the programs or plans listed, you will not be able to register in this course until August 28.


Use the Validation tool in Bear Tracks to make sure your registration will go smoothly. If you encounter errors, check that you meet all course pre and/or corequisites. Note: If courses are in your schedule builder, but you have not enrolled in them, they will not be recognized as pre and/or corequisites.


All financial holds must be cleared before you will be able to register in classes. If you have questions or need assistance with clearing your hold, please contact Student Connect in the Administration Building. It can take 3-5 days for your hold to clear in Bear Tracks. Engineering Student Services cannot override your hold to enroll you in classes.


Not all electives are offered every year, and seats for some electives that are offered are in high demand. Be prepared to consider other courses from your elective list, and remember to enroll where space is available.

Trying to enroll in an elective and receiving an error message? This might happen because you are missing pre and/or corequisites for the elective, or the elective might be restricted to certain programs and plans. For example, Chemical students that have Petroleum courses on their elective lists, will not be able to register themselves in the course due to restrictions and requisites. If it is an Engineering course you are trying to enroll in, please complete this form to request registration. If it is a non-Engineering course, you must contact the department that offers the course for assistance.


If you tried to enroll in a first year Engineering course, and received an error message that the course is closed to web registration, please complete this form to request registration.

Additional Information for Chemical and Materials Students

Electives for Chemical and Materials programs that are offered by the Chemical and Materials Department, will be scheduled in Summer (these course codes begin with MAT E or CH E). A complete list of course offerings will be emailed to students by the department once the list has been finalized.

Additional Information for Mechanical Students

Registration for certain MEC E and ENG M 400 and 500 level classes and electives will open March 17 at 9:00 AM, to allow all students in their last year equal access to enrollment. Once the department consent is removed from these classes, you should be able to enroll.

Reserved Seating: Seats in MEC E courses are reserved for students on sequence and following their program plans. If you can't enroll in a course, make sure there are seats available to your program plan. Students not following their program plans (e.g., resequencing) will need to contact Student Services for help.

Traditional Year 4 students will need to enroll in Group 4B in the Fall, and 4A in the Winter.

Certain MEC E plans have more flexible enrollment options, than other plans. For example, some students can enroll in either group 3A or 3B courses in Fall term, and will complete the opposite group in Winter term. If you cannot enroll in all courses in a group, in one term, swap your terms to check if seats are available in the reverse configuration.