High School Admissions (Y1Q1)

This information is ONLY for students entering the BSc Engineering program directly from high school or with less than 9 units of transfer credit. If you are a student in this group, you will be registered in your schedule of qualifying year courses by the Faculty of Engineering.

Starting in March, students who have accepted their offer of admission and paid their tuition deposit will receive an email to their ualberta email that includes the Registration Consent Form. You must complete and submit the Registration Consent Form to be registered in your classes.

Once you complete this form, the Faculty of Engineering will register you in your courses and create your schedule. This will bean ongoing process once Fall 2022 registration opens in April.

After you are registered, you’ll receive a notification email that confirms your registration, and instructions and eligibility to request a schedule change if necessary beginning on April 15, 2022.

Pre-Registration Steps

In order to be registered in your qualifying year courses by the Faculty of Engineering, you will need to take the following steps. Click the links below to learn more:

Important Registration Dates

  • March-August: Once you accept your offer AND pay your tuition deposit, you will be sent an email to fill out the Registration Consent Form
  • April 4: Registration of students with submitted Registration Consent Forms begins.
  • April 15: Notification of students who have been registered begins.
  • May 1: Deadline to accept offer of admission and pay tuition deposit.


Frequently Asked Questions

So, I don't need to create my own class schedule?

That’s right! We take the stress out of building a class schedule for your Qualifying First Year. After accepting your offer, paying your tuition deposit, and signing the registration consent form, the Faculty of Engineering will register you in all of your required first year classes.

How do I accept my offer?

Please refer to the Accept Your Offer page for a step-by-step guide on accepting your offer to the University of Alberta. Please keep in mind that the deadline to accept your offer is May 1, unless stated otherwise on your offer of admission letter.

What is the deadline to accept my offer?

The deadline to accept your offer is May 1, unless stated otherwise on your letter of admission. You can view your letter of admission in your Bear Tracks account or in your UAlberta email inbox.

How do I pay my tuition deposit?

Please refer to the Tuition Deposit Payment page for step-by-step instructions on how to pay your tuition deposit.

When will I receive my registration consent form?

You will receive your registration consent form through your UAlberta email address after you have accepted your offer and paid your tuition deposit.

When will I hear about my registration?

Course registration will depend upon when you received your offer of admission, accepted your offer, and paid your tuition deposit. Registration of students who completed all of these steps will begin April 4 and continue on an ongoing basis until classes begin in September. Students who have been registered for classes will begin receiving notifications as of April 15 onward.

Does that mean I won't know my schedule till the day classes begin?

Not necessarily. The earlier you accept your offer, and complete all the required steps to sign your consent form, the sooner you may receive your course schedule. If you do not receive an offer of admission until later in the summer, then you will receive your schedule later than those who received an offer earlier. The absolute earliest you may be notified of registration is April 15.

How do I use the VPN?

If you are located in a country that requires a VPN to access Google Forms, please use the University’s Virtual Private Network (VPN). This allows students who are not physically on campus the ability to access campus computing resources remotely, such as UAlberta email accounts. Once connected, please ensure you are logged into Google using ONLY your UAlberta CCID and password. If you require assistance, please contact IST.

I filled out my consent form, but still have not received my schedule. When will I receive it?

Once we have received your registration consent form, course registration then begins on April 4. The earliest you may receive a notification of registration is April 15. Students may receive their course schedule anywhere between April 15 until just before the start of Fall Term. Please keep an eye on your UAlberta email for updates.

Can I request to change my schedule?

Instructions and eligibility to request a schedule change (if necessary), will be sent to your UAlberta email address beginning on April 15. We cannot accept schedule change requests until April 15. We will only consider schedule change requests that follow the outlined procedures on the email.

Can I defer my admission to the next semester?
No, you cannot defer your registration.

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Last Updated: April 8, 2022