Qualifying Student Registration

The information on this page is only for students registering in BSc Engineering qualifying year courses. Registration is different based on what category of student you are.

High School Students

Students entering the BSc Engineering program directly from high school or with less than 9 units of transfer credit.

Transfer Qualifying Year Students

All internal and external transfer students with between 9-30 units of transfer credit.

Second Qualifying Year Students

Students already enrolled in the BSc Engineering program who are repeating their qualifying year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a qualifying year student?

Engineering students are admitted to a common first year of core courses. After completion of this year, qualifying year students are placed into a program/discipline in a competitive process. Transfer students with less than 30 units of Engineering transfer credit are admitted to a qualifying year. The registration process differs depending on whether you have completed any qualifying year courses and are awarded transfer credit. Please click the button above that fits your circumstances to learn about your registration process.

What if I have already completed my qualifying year at another institution? (ACAT/BCAT)

If you have already completed your qualifying year at another institution through an ACAT or BCAT transfer agreement you will be considered for admission into an Engineering program based on your first year results. Please refer to the registration instructions on our Second Year Registration page.

I hold an Engineering Technologist Diploma - what type of student am I?

If you hold an Engineering Technologist Diploma, please refer to the registration instructions on our Engineering Technologist Transfer Registration page. Admission information is available on our Undergraduate Admissions page.

I already hold an engineering degree and would like to specialize in a new discipline. What type of student am I?

If you already hold an undergraduate engineering degree, you are not admissible to a different discipline within the University of Alberta Undergraduate Engineering program. If you would like to specialize in a new discipline, it is recommended to apply for a graduate degree, even if it is in a different discipline than your previous degree.