Transfer Students (Y1Q2)

You should be on this page if your offer of admission letter indicates that you have been admitted to Year 1 Qualifying Year 2 (Y1Q2). Y1Q2 is for transfer students with 9 - 30 units of transferable Engineering coursework. 

Important Registration Dates

Tuition Deposit

Students who are new to the University of Alberta must pay their tuition deposit before they are able to register in classes. The fastest way to pay your tuition deposit is by credit card through Launchpad. Using other payment methods may delay your registration access. More information is available on the Tuition Deposit Payment page

Transfer Credit

Your post-secondary coursework will be evaluated for transfer credit. A summary of your transfer credit will be posted in Bear Tracks and can be found on the Academic Records tile under Transfer Credit Report.

Creating Your Schedule

You will take any outstanding First Year Courses as well as courses from the Supplementary Qualifying Courses List. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are selecting courses applicable to the program(s) you hope to enter while meeting the unit and GPA requirement for Y1Q2. Discipline course requirements can be found in the University of Alberta Calendar under Programs.

When registering in first year courses, make sure to check the reserve capacity for Y1Q2 students in Bear Tracks. Most first year courses are offered in both Fall and Winter terms, with some exceptions.

Checking the Reserve Capacity in Bear Tracks

If you are trying to register in a course with open seating, you may receive a “you do not meet reserve capacity” error message if the available seating for your program has been used by other students. When this error occurs, register in another available section of the course. Keep in mind that students will be updating their timetables until the start of each term, so keep an eye on the section you want, and you may get a chance to enroll in it later. If the section you want is full, you can add the course to your Watch List.

To find the reserve capacity for ‘continuing Eng’ students in Bear Tracks, click on the class number and navigate to the ‘Class Availability’ tab.

Desktop, click on the section. Reserve Capacity is located on the Class Availability tab.

Mobile device, click on the Reserve Capacity link to get the details

Mobile device, click on the Reserve Capacity link to get the details

Screenshot of beartrack to check reserve capacity     Screenshot of beartrack to check reserve capacity

Once you have decided which courses you would like to take, add them to your Shopping Cart in Bear Tracks and register for both Fall and Winter terms. If you are having trouble logging into or navigating Bear Tracks, please refer to the Bear Tracks Help website. You may register in any courses that do not have registration restrictions in place. 

A full course load is considered to be 37.0 Engineering units, excluding ENGG 100 and ENGG 160. Please be sure to register in as full a course load as possible. If you attempt less than 37.0 units in Fall/Winter, you will be given a Program Admission Factor (PAF) deduction on your Fall/Winter GPA of 0.05 per unit that you are under 37.0 units. You also need to successfully complete (pass) at least 30.0 units by the end of Spring Term.

Find more information about how to successfully qualify for program placement and the PAF calculation on the Program Placements page

Bear Tracks

Registration using Bear Tracks will be new to most students in their qualifying year. The Registrar’s Office provides many resources available on their Bear Tracks Help page, including user guides and videos for schedule planning and registration.

Swap Function

One important feature in Bear Tracks to be aware of is the Swap function. Once you are registered in a class and you want to change your registration to a different class, please use the Swap function instead of dropping the first class before registering in the second class. The Swap function will not change your registration until it has confirmed that you will be able to register in the second class. This way you will not lose your seat in the original class if for some reason you are not registered in the second class.

Class Notes

Class Notes contain important information about the class as well as restrictions and registration dates for different student groups. Read more about registration restrictions below. To view the Class Notes for a course, click on the green clipboard icon beside the class section. Note: not all class sections will have Class Notes.

How to view Class Notes:
Location of clipboard icon in Bear Tracks, desktop view.
Location of clipboard icon in Bear Tracks, desktop view.
Location of clipboard icon in Bear Tracks, mobile view.

Location of clipboard icon in Bear Tracks, mobile view.

Registration Restrictions

Program restrictions are in place on some classes to enable specific groups of students to register within a specific time period. Qualifying year students will not be able to register in courses on the Supplementary Qualifying Courses list until early August; see the date in the timeline at the top of the page. Information about registration restrictions is included in the Class Notes in Bear Tracks. If you do not meet the program restrictions in place on a class you will receive a "Restrictions not met" error when attempting to register in that class.

You may also receive a "Restrictions not met" error if you do not have the pre or corequisites that are required to take a course. Pre and corequisites can be found in the course description either in Bear Tracks or in the University Calendar.

  • Prerequisite courses must be completed in a term prior to the term in which you plan to take the course. 
  • Corequisite courses may be taken either in a prior term or in the same term as the course.

For both prerequisite and corequisite courses, Bear Tracks will recognize if your course registrations are in the appropriate sequence. 

Full classes

If the class you want to register in off of the Supplementary Qualifying  Courses list is full, you will need to select another class. You can also add yourself to the Watch List. All students on the Watch List of a full class will be notified if a seat becomes available. More information about the Watch List function and notification settings is available on the Bear Tracks Help page.

Last Updated: December 5, 2023