Student Life


U of A Engineering students excel when competing against students from schools around the world.

Whether you're involved with an engineering design course project, or part of an extracurricular student group, as an engineering student you have opportunities to represent the Faculty at competitions near and far. By qualifying to compete at the Western Engineering Competition and the Canadian Engineering Competition you can participate on debate teams, consulting engineering teams or design engineering teams.

Making a Difference

Projects you complete in your design engineering courses can take you to national competitions as well: a team of mechanical engineering students won the 2009 Canadian Society of Manufacturing Engineer’s National Design Competition in Halifax. The students designed an ocular implant that could virtually eliminate the need for corrective surgery for patients suffering from a disorder called strabismus.

Build your Credentials

Participating in these engineering design projects and competitions allows you to form relationships with students from universities around the world. Working as part of an interdisciplinary team, you'll develop and refine important skills such as public speaking, consulting strategies, and hands-on technical abilities.

By building these skills you are at an advantage: you are applying knowledge you've learned, and acquiring experiences that employers look for.