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Engineering Wellness

Your well-being matters.

Whether you are a new or returning student, life of an aspiring engineer includes a lot of changes.

The university experience can be filled with excitement, relationships, learning, but also stress. For some it may be the first time living away from home, moving to a new city, being in charge of your schedule, meeting new people, as well as being challenged with lab assignments and numerous deadlines.

One of the most helpful things a student can do to manage stress is to engage in regular self-care:

  • Create a regular schedule – aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night, eat a balanced diet, and do physical activities you enjoy.
  • Try different activities to relax - walk, journal, enjoy nature, listen to music, meditate, take study breaks.
  • Socialize with people you enjoy spending time with such as friends or family.

5 Tips for better sleep:

  1. Make your room ideal for sleep by decreasing noise and light as well as keeping your room cool and comfortable.
  2. Get up and go to bed at the same time every day.
  3. Try various calming activities before bed. Examples: read, deep breathing, stretch, calm music, warm shower.
  4. Increase regular physical activity during the day.
  5. If you can’t fall sleep avoid watching the clock.