Co-op Program

Summer 2020 Work Term Recruitment

We are currently in continuous recruitment for the Summer 2020 work term.

Unplaced Students:

  • If you find a job on your own, please notify the co-op office immediately.
  • Your resume will be included in packets sent to employers offering suitable positions.
  • Continue conducting your job search independent of opportunities posted in PlacePro.
  • Please ensure that we can easily contact you via email or phone for interviews and offers of employment.
  • If you obtain suitable employment before the end of June you will be eligible to receive credit for the work term.
  • Looking for tips or advice for your job search? We're here to help! The co-op coordinators are available to you on a walk-in basis during regular office hours - just stop by the Co-op & Student Services Office on the second floor of the Donadeo Building and proceed to co-op coordinator offices.
  • If you are no longer able to participate in the recruitment you must come to the co-op office and discuss this with a coordinator.

Last update: April 1,2020