Co-op Program


Fall 2019 Work Term Recruitment

We are currently in continuous recruitment for the Fall 2019 work term.

Unplaced Students:
•If you find a job on your own, please notify the co-op office immediately.
•Your resume will be included in packets sent to employers offering suitable positions.
•Continue conducting your job search independent of opportunities posted in PlacePro.
•Please ensure that we can easily contact you via email or phone for interviews and offers of employment.
•If you obtain suitable employment by the end of June you will be eligible to receive credit for the work term.

Looking for tips or advice for your job search? We're here to help! The co-op coordinators are available to you on a walk-in basis during regular office hours - just stop by the Co-op & Student Services Office on the second floor of the Donadeo Building and proceed to co-op coordinator offices.

If you are no longer able to participate in the recruitment you must come to the co-op office and discuss this with a coordinator.

Last update: March 5, 2019