The Engineering Co-op Department Team

Co-op Coordinators

The Co-op Coordinators provide instruction, counseling, and recruitment services for Engineering Co-op Students. Each term, students are assigned to a co-op coordinator. You may be assigned to a different coordinator each term, or you may have the same coordinator for multiple terms. Please take the time to meet with your coordinator each semester so they can become familiar with your skills and interests, and provide you with personalized advice.

When meeting with your coordinator, they will:

  • Prepare you for recruitment through ongoing development of resume-writing and interview skills
  • Provide insight and up-to-date information on the current job market.
  • Advise you on employment application decisions and final job selections.
  • Evaluate your performance on the job through on-site evaluations and assignments.
  • Uphold the policies of the Engineering Co-op Department.

The coordinators are also the Co-op Department's connection to employers. In this aspect of their work, coordinators are expected to:

  • Identify potential employers within an assigned geographic region.
  • Market the benefits of hiring co-op students to potential employers.
  • Ensure that employer needs are met both in terms of placement procedures and in terms of the performance of students on the job.

Students interested in working with a particular company or in a specific geographic region should consult with the Co-op Office: a coordinator should be able to provide you with information on the company or the job market of that specific region.

Co-op Student Services Team

The Co-op Student Services team manages much of the day-to-day administrative work for the Co-op Department.

Director, Engineering Co-op Program

The Associate Dean, Student & Co-op Services also serves as the Director of the Engineering Co-op Program. The Director oversees and upholds the policies of the Co-op Program, including the following:

  • Evaluation of WKEXP 905 Technical Reports
  • Review of student appeals & special cases
  • Student Code of Conduct violations