Co-op Program

WkExp 905 Assignment



As a senior co-op student, you are required to complete a technical report, usually on a topic related to your work during your final work term.  The attached guidelines set out the requirements for this report.  Please read them carefully.


This report must satisfy the general content criteria explained in the guidelines (see Overall Requirements).  Supervisors are the best source of potential topics. You should explain your technical report requirement to your supervisor early in the work term.  In most cases, the report will describe an actual project which you have been assigned.  If your work does not provide an obvious report topic, you will need to work at finding one.  The attached list affords some insight into the topics which previous co-op students have selected for their technical report.


The report should follow a format similar to the description provided in the guidelines (see Format Requirements).  You might also wish to refer to the report guidelines which are provided with some of your engineering design and/or laboratory courses.  If your employer requests a specific format or you have any questions regarding the attached guidelines, please contact your coordinator as soon as possible.  Note:  All reports must include a letter of submittal as described in the guidelines.


Technical reports may be submitted to the co-op office for grading by a faculty member from your discipline.  Prior to submitting your report you must make your supervisor aware of its content and obtain clearance for its release.  If the report contains confidential information which the employer does not want released, the report may be graded by your work supervisor or an engineer within the employer's organization. In such cases, the evaluator should use the attached evaluation form and return it to the Co-op Department. 


Submit to:  

Engineering Coop Department, Faculty of Engineering

2-300 Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering

University of Alberta

Edmonton, AB  T6G 1H9

Phone: (780) 4925152  



Due Date:                    Technical Report or Report Evaluation from student's supervisor/engineer due in the co-op office the last day of the work term. 

Please remind your supervisor to complete the final work term evaluation form sent out prior to the end of your work term.  It should be returned to the Engineering Co-op Department by the end of your work term.



                                                             Examples of  Previously Submitted Technical Reports

 Chemical:         -           Reformer Heater Efficiency

-           VCM Refrigeration System Upgrade

-           Pressure Compensated Temperature Control on Shellburn Splitter Columns

-           Determining a Control Strategy for Controlling the Levels of the Devolatizer Tanks

 Civil:               -           Composting of the Organic Fraction in Municipal Solid Wastes

-           Central Building Cable Tray Rack Design

-           The Use of Geotextiles for Pipeline Right of Way Construction

-           Behaviour of Steel/Concrete Sandwich Panels under Rated Load 

Computer:        -           Project Proposal for Workers Compensation Board

-           Comparison of PC Operating Systems

-           Displaying Conventional Radar Images on the 2397A Graphics Terminal


Electrical:         -           User Control Interface Card High Level Design

-           Use of High Speed Reclosing Circuit Breakers to Improve Reliability of an Overhead Distribution System

-           25KV Breaker Reclosing Scheme Using The Allen Bradley SLC 100, 150 Programmable Logic Controller

-           Resistance Welding and the Need for a New Robotic Welder

-           An Improved Design for the DRAO 1420 MHz Front End Amplifiers

 Mechanical:     -           Evaluation of the Judu Progressing Cavity Pump

-           Pressure Rating Hydro - Test Caps

-           Nipple Failures on Blowdown Risers

-           Full Time Weld Quality Monitoring for an Automated MIG Welding Application

-           Double Pipe Heat Exchangers

-           HVAC Problems in Cig-Tow Building

Mining:             -           Dragline Planning Via a Personal Computer


Metallurgical:    -           Copper Boil Retention Time

-           Effect of the Proposed API Specification Changes on Drill Pipe Resistance to SSC

-           Effect of Finishing and Coiling Temperature on Tensile Properties of Grade 414 #2 Steel

-           Analysis of Pipe Quality and Yield for Fusion Bonded Coating


Petroleum:        -           Evaluation of Flow Resistance of Different Types of Pipeline Fittings

-           Smiley-Dewar Viking Pool Depletion Plan

-           Plunger Lift Potential on Wet Gas Wells

-           Expanded Waterflood Status Douglaston-Midale Beds Unit

-           Numerical Modelling of a Cyclic Steam Injection Project