Undergraduate Studies

Your First Year

If you are applying directly from high school, you must enter into a qualifying first year of Engineering. This first-year curriculum is designed to give you a solid foundation and introduce you to the vast opportunities available. You'll not only increase your academic capacity, you'll also discover how you can shape your future career.


First Year Courses

TERM 1 (Fall)

MATH 100 Calculus I
ENGG 130 Engineering Mechanics
CHEM 103 Introductory University Chemistry I
PHYS 130 Wave Motion, Optics, and Sound
ENGG 100 Orientation to the Engineering Profession
ENGL 199* English for Engineers


TERM 2 (Winter)

MATH 101 Calculus II
MATH 102 Applied Linear Algebra
CHEM 105 Introductory University Chemistry II
EN PH 131 Mechanics
ENGG 101 Orientation to the Engineering Profession II
ENCMP 100* Computer Programming for Engineers

*ENGL 199 and ENCMP 100 can occur in either semester and some students may begin with ENCMP in their Fall term


Admission Requirements

Entrance into our Common First Year Program or Qualifying Year Program, is based on your overall average from 5 courses: English 30-1, Math 30-1, Math 31, Physics 30, and Chemistry 30. A complete course equivalents listing is available for students who completed high school outside of Alberta.

After you complete your first year, you’ll be able to enter into one of the following degree programs and also pursue a sub-specialization:

Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Engineering Physics
Materials Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mining Engineering
Petroleum Engineering

First-year option: study in French

Êtes-vous un génie? Le Campus Saint-Jean, en collaboration avec la Faculty of Engineering de l'Université de l'Alberta, offre la possibilité aux étudiants de faire leur première année du Baccalauréat en génie (BSc Eng) en français.