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First year in French

If you are interested in studying first-year engineering in the French language, you may take up to eight of the twelve first-year engineering courses through the University's French language faculty, Campus Saint-Jean. Six kilometres east of the main campus, Campus Saint-Jean is located in the Francophone community of Bonnie Doon and includes classrooms and laboratories as well as a library, residence hall, and physical education facility. You can easily move from one campus to the other by way of a free hourly shuttle service. For specific application and registration details please contact the Faculty of Engineering Office.

Information for Students Considering Taking First-Year Engineering Courses at Campus Saint-Jean

About Campus Saint-Jean

  • Campus Saint-Jean (CSJ) is one of the fifteen Faculties at the University of Alberta. A unique feature of Campus Saint-Jean is that all courses are taught in French and French is the primary language used by all of the professors, support staff, and students.
  • Campus Saint-Jean is located at 8406 - 91 Street in Edmonton, approximately six kilometres east of the main University of Alberta campus. There is a free shuttle bus service between Campus Saint-Jean and the main U of A campus. The bus leaves CSJ every hour starting at 07:35 and leaves the main University of Alberta campus every hour starting at 08:05.

First-Year Engineering Courses at Campus Saint-Jean

  • Campus Saint-Jean offers courses in a French-language environment that are fully equivalent to many of the first-year engineering courses offered on the main campus. CSJ courses have been arranged into a timetable in such a way that first-year engineering students can take up to eight of their courses in the French-language environment at Campus Saint-Jean. The courses are provided at the end of this information sheet.
  • Engineering students have the option of taking the third year of their program in a French-language environment in Quebec through an exchange program established between the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta and École Polytechnique de Montréal.

Admission/Course Registration

  • Students who wish to take advantage of this opportunity should submit a University of Alberta application form to enter the Faculty of Engineering prior to the application deadline of May 1 (indicate Engineering as the Faculty choice in section 3 (Academic Program) on the Application for Admission form). Students must also indicate that wish to complete the first year of study in French on the online application form.
  • After permission to register in courses is received from the Office of the Registrar, students who wish to take full advantage of the courses available through CSJ should register in the courses as listed below.
  • Please note that although these courses are offered through Campus Saint-Jean, all students must be admitted to, and registered in, the Faculty of Engineering and must meet the entrance requirements of the Faculty of Engineering.
  • If, instead, you would like to take only a few of your courses from CSJ course offerings, and the balance on the main campus, you will need to arrange your timetable to accommodate the listed course(s) of interest.
  • If you are combining courses on the main campus with CSJ French-language courses, please be certain to leave sufficient time for travel between the two campuses (courses at Campus Saint-Jean start 30 minutes later than classes on the main campus).
  • Engineering students are permitted to switch (in either direction) between CSJ courses and main campus engineering courses prior to the start of classes in September and January.

The first-year engineering courses offered by Campus Saint-Jean, and their English-language equivalents on the main campus, are listed below.

Term  Course Title  English Equivalent Location  
 Fall  CHIM 103  CHEM 103  CSJ
 Fall  MATHQ 100  MATH 100  CSJ
 Fall  PHYSQ 130  PHYS 130  CSJ

 Complementary Studies Elective**

 Complementary Studies Elective**

 CSJ or Main Campus
 Fall  ENGG 130  ENGG 130  MAIN CAMPUS
 Fall  ENGG 100  ENGG 100  MAIN CAMPUS
 Winter  CHIM 105  CHEM 105  CSJ
 Winter  MATHQ 101  MATH 101  CSJ
 Winter  MATHQ 102  MATH 102  CSJ
 Winter  PHYSQ 131  EN PH 131  CSJ
 Winter  ENCMP 100  ENCMP 100  MAIN CAMPUS
 Winter  ENGG 101  ENGG 101  MAIN CAMPUS

** See Complementary Studies Electives - Engineering Table II for allowable Complementary Studies Electives (Complementary Studies Electives at FSJ include ECONE 101, ETCAN 101, ET RE 102, and others).
For more information, contact the Faculty of Engineering.