Undergraduate Studies


As of fall 2018, the faculty of engineering will administer registration for all qualifying (first) year students and applicants will not be responsible for registering in first-year courses on bear tracks. 

Receiving your first year Fall and Winter schedules

To be able to view your first year schedules applicants must:

  • Accept offer and pay deposit: Applicants who have received a conditional or final offer of admission must have accepted their offer and paid the $500 tuition deposit.
  • Grant registration consent: After a tuition deposit has been processed, students will receive an online Registration Consent Form from the Faculty of Engineering through their UAlberta email accounts where they will be asked to give consent to be registered in their 12 first-year courses.
  • View Fall/Winter schedules on Bear Tracks: After granting registration consent, students will be emailed by the Faculty of Engineering once they have been registered.

What if I have IB or AP Transfer Credit?

The Faculty of Engineering recommends that students with IB/AP transfer credit for first year Math or Chemistry courses decline the transfer credit and take the first year courses. There are two main reasons for this:
  1. Students are required to take a full course load during their first year. If a student accepts their AP/IB transfer credit they are required to take higher level courses in a significantly more difficult schedule than their fellow classmates.
  2. AP/IB courses cover the same general concepts as certain first semester courses but do not cover the same applications of the material. If you skip over these courses you will end up missing a large amount of information relevant to Engineering students.

Is registration the same for the Campus Saint-Jean First-Year Engineering Program in French?

Students completing their first year in French at Campus Saint-Jean will also be registered by the Faculty of Engineering in their courses.

If you have any questions or concerns about the registration process, please contact the Faculty of Engineering Student Services team using your UAlberta email address at engginfo@ualberta.ca.