About Us

Engineering Wellness

Education and Resources

We offer workshops to students and student-facing staff and faculty designed to grant skills to enhance the well-being of our community. Some of our collaborations include Bridge2ENGG, ENGG 100, MecE T.A. training, and the Engineering Students' Society. Additional educational materials are available through Wellness resource cabinets which can be found in ETLC level 1 & 2.

WE Care Profs

WE (Wellness in Engineering) Care members care deeply about student well-being. Members are a part of a network of instructors who are prepared to listen to student concerns and direct them to appropriate campus or community services if needed. And when they don't know how to best help a student, other instructors and the Engineering Wellness team are there to help them.

Take a Break To Go

Find a quiet spot and play some board games or take advantage of our beautiful campus and borrow some outdoor activities.

Engineering Wellness Week

Engineering Wellness Week, provides our engineering community members the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities facilitated by the Engineering Wellness Program. We are proud to have partnered with organizations such as the Chimo Animal Assisted Wellness and Learning Society (CAAWLS), Unitea, LiveWell Paint Night, and more. Among other activities, wellness week has featured, free wellness workshops, Take A Break, and yoga sessions to promote the well-being of both staff and students.

Take A Break

Students and staff also have the opportunity to reset and recharge by attending Take A Break biweekly during the Fall and Winter terms. We offer a wide variety of games and activities along with refreshments and snacks. Our partnership with Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery (SPUD) provide attendees with fresh and organic snacks to enjoy during their break with us.

Healthy Snack Handout

During high stress times of midterms and finals, you may find our Wellness Team handing out healthy snacks in our student work areas. Students are encouraged to nurture their bodies while studying.