To-Go Kits

Engineering Take A Break Wellness Tree


Now you can Take a Break with you!

Each kit offers a variety of activities that you and your friends or colleagues are sure to enjoy. Find a quiet spot and play some board games or take advantage of our beautiful campus and borrow some outdoor activities. Taking a break with others promotes work-life balance and supportive relationships, making your experience in Engineering more meaningful and fun!

How To Book

** Please read carefully prior to submitting request. Not all requests can be fulfilled and/or all items may not be available**

  1. Requests must be submitted a minimum of 10 business days prior to proposed pickup date.

  2. Items can be borrowed for a maximum of 2 business days.

  3. The event must occur within a University of Alberta, Faculty of Engineering building.

  4. The event must be for engineering students, staff and/or faculty.

  5. The student signing out activities is responsible for ensuring all pieces for games are returned in good condition and stored properly. *This helps to ensure other members of our engineering community can enjoy these materials in the future.