All University of Alberta alumni are invited to join the U of A Alumni Association, which was established in 1915 and now includes more than 250,000 graduates in 50 active branches around the world. The  Association’s mission is to create a lifetime connection between alumni and their university.


EFS is always happy to hear from its former students. We are particularly interested in knowing about your adventures and achievements since graduation. Please feel free to contact us to establish or update your profile and to tell us your story: 


  • by phone at 780-492-3258

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  • by conventional mail at
    3-5 Humanities Centre
    University of Alberta
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2E5

Alumni Profiles:

Malcolm Azania: storyteller, humanist, creative polymath

Under the pen name Minister Faust, former Writer-in Residence and English Major Azania is re-imagining the universe right here at home.

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Stephanie Bailey: 2010 B.A. (Hons)

As part of the editorial team of the alumni magazine "New Trail", she works as an editorial research assistant, as well as the distribution manager

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Andrea Beca: 2009 English and Creative Writing Graduate

Having worked in theatre and the world of film, she is now a freelance writer, filmmaker, and photographer. She even started a podcast

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Linda Cook : Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient 2016

A lifelong  champion of public libraries she has made the Edmonton Public Library far more than a place to borrow books

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Lana Cuthbertson: 2010 BA English & Film Studies

"She is part of the rising tide lifting women into leadership roles in both politics and the corporate world."

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Nicole Duley: 2014 Graduate with a Cooperative Degree in English

After participating in the Arts Work Experience program, she now works for the City of St. Albert in Corporate Planning

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Erin Fraser: 2011 Graduate and now a Film Classification Officer

As a film classification officer with the Alberta Government she is responsible for film ratings and has contributed to the classification of over 700 films and trailers annually

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Curtis Gillespie: Writer, journalist and editor

The Alumni Honour Award recipient 2014 has many talents, but to put it simple, he is a storyteller  

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Katherine Govier: Award-winning author 

As head of the Shoe Project, she helps new Canadians to express themselves through shoes

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The Unstoppable Force of Brittney Hubley

If there is any veracity to the proverb, fortune favours the bold, Brittney Hubley, double major in Creative Writing and English, is destined for glory.

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Jason Kapalka: Redefining The Gamer

Founder of PopCap Games he revolutionized the industry by opening accessibility to a greater audience through mobile gaming

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Shar Levine: The "Science Lady" advocates on behalf of children's literacy

From labour representative to successful small business owner/author in less than four months

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Shirley McDonald: Shining a light on the injustices of farm worker's lives

Shirley McDonald's book of essays helped inform the debate around controversial provincial legislation

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Sandy Muldrew: Curating his own shop is the realization of a dream

"I wanted to use my talents for my own benefit, where no one was going to decide if I was valuable or not."

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Jason Lee Norman: 2006 BA in English & Film Studies

"He helps construct - and deconstruct - the identity of our growing, dynamic city."

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Ben Owens: Film Studies Program Graduate

As Location Manager for various productions he searches the province for the perfect filming locations for TV shows and movies

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Vivek Shraya: 2003 BA in English & Film Studies

Vivek has made waves in academia by creating a course that focuses on writers of colour. She is the author of six books, as well as the head of a new publishing imprint designed to launch young and racially diverse authors."

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Paula Simons: Edmonton's chief chronicler and champion

"The story of this place fascinates me" says the journalist, 2018 Alumni Honour Award recipient, and Federal Senator.

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Nakita Valerio: A Journey for Justice

As a writer, academic and community organizer she works to fight racism and build a better society.

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