English and Film Studies

Julia Lupton Events for High School Students & Teachers


Wednesday 19 Oct 2016

We are looking forward to welcoming you and your students to campus! Below are the latest details on the day’s events, including locations and a map.

A little homework for you and your students! In preparation for the morning Q & Awith Julia Lupton, we would be glad to receive questions from you and your students ahead of time. Please email questions to sylvia.brown@ualberta.ca by 5 pm on Monday 17 October. We will try to include as many submitted questions as possible. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions ‘live’.

See you soon!

Sylvia Brown, Professor & First-Year English Co-ordinator

9:30-9:40 Please arrive with your students at Humanities Centre in the area marked by the blue star. Most of the events of the day will take place in the large Lecture Hall L1 (red star). Members of the Department of English and Film Studies will be on hand to greet and direct you. We will have Timbits for students and coffee available for teachers.You will find a map of the location of Humanities Centre on campus at the end of this handout and more information about getting to and around campus at <https://www.ualberta.ca/maps>



9:40-10:30 Welcome in L1 by Professor Peter Sinnema, Chair of the Department of English and Film Studies. Students will view a short clip collection of Shakespeare adaptations prepared by Film Studies Professor Bill Beard. This will be followed by a fun quiz for students on ‘Spotting Shakespeare’ as cultural currency as well a draw.

10:30-11:15 Panel Q and A with Professors Julia Lupton (University of California at Irvine), Ted Bishop (University of Alberta), and Sylvia Brown (University of Alberta) in L1. Why is Shakespeare still relevant today? Julia Lupton and her fellow panel lists will begin with a brief reflection on this question and will then take questions from high school students and their teachers. We would be glad to have presubmitted questions (see above) and also to take questions from the live audience as time allows.

11:30-12:50 Pizza Lunch & Midday Activities. Location: 3rd Floor Foyer of the Department of English and Film Studies, 3-5 Humanities Centre. We’ll relocate to the third floor of the Humanities Centre where a pizza lunch (plus juice or pop) will be served. There will be a vegetarian option.

During this lunch period, high school teachers will be introduced to their tour guides or undergraduate contacts, depending on whether you and your students opted for the tour of ‘Arts & Humanities’ on campus or for meeting with current students.

1:00-2:30 Lecture by Julia Lupton in L1: Trust in Macbeth, Trust in Theater. This will be the grand finale of the day’s events! As part of the lecture, actors from the Drama program at the U of A will also be dramatizing three scenes from Macbeth.