English and Film Studies

300 Level English

Courses at the 300 level focus predominantly on historical periods and national literatures, with some foregrounding genre or cultural categories. These courses tend to survey their topics, engaging them by means of broad coverage.

Please consult the University Calendar for a full listing of our ENGL courses, not all of which are offered in a given year. Our department also offers Film Studies and Creative Writing courses.

Below are our course offerings; click on a course to see its description.


Spring 2018

Course Title Instructor Time
ENGL 384 A1 Reading Popular Texts K. Smitka MW 0930-1220
ENGL 389 A1  Children's Literature: Print Traditions  N. Hurley  TR 1200-1450 

Summer 2018

Course Title Instructor Time
ENGL 339 B1  Shakespeare  L. Schechter MWF 1230-1420 
ENGL 376 B1 Late 20th Century Canadian Texts D. Hetu MWF 0900-1050

Fall 2018

Course Title Instructor Time
ENGL 300 A1  Social & Cultural History of the English Language  J. Considine  MWF 1400-1450
ENGL 309 A1 Aboriginal: Literary Movements K. Martin TR 1400-1520
ENGL 314 A1 Postcolonial Literature & Culture: Irish Writing in English R. Brazeau TR 1230-1350
ENGL 315 A1  Postcolonial Literature & Culture: Indian Writing in English CANCELLED  
ENGL 316 A1 Postcolonial Literature & Culture: Middle Eastern Writing in English L. Ouzgane TR930-1050
ENGL 325 A1 Medieval Literature & Culture: Medieval Texts L. Schechter MWF1200-1250
ENGL 336 A1 Early Modern Literature & Culture: 16th Century Texts R. Prusko MWF 1400-1450
ENGL 339 A1 Early Modern Literature & Culture: Studies in Shakespeare P. Demers MWF 1000-1050
ENGL 339 A2 Early Modern Literature & Culture: Studies in Shakespeare  C. Sale TR 0930-1050 
ENGL 344 A1 Early Modern Literature & Culture: Milton D. Gay MWF 0900-0950
ENGL 348 A1 Restoration and 18th Century Literature & Culture: The Novel K. Binhammer TR 1100-1220
ENGL 350 A1 19th-Century British Literature: Romantic Texts  L. Robertson MWF 1400-1450
ENGL 352 A1 19th-Century British Literature: Early Victorian Texts L. Young MWF 1200-1250
ENGL 362 A1 American Literature &Culture:Later 20th & Early 21st Century M. Morris MWF 1100-1150
ENGL 363 A1 Early 20th-Century Literature & Culture: Modernism and Modernity B. Bucknell TR 1400-1520
ENGL 374 A1 Canadian Literature & Culture: Early 20th-Century Texts  R. Fowler TR 0930-1050
ENGL 375 A1 Canadian Literature & Culture: Reading Canadian Cultures J. Rak MWF 1200-1250
ENGL 385 A1 Popular Culture: Issues in Popular Culture E. Siemens MWF 1300-1350
ENGL 388 X01 Children's Literature: Oral Traditions L. Rasmussen T 1800-2100
ENGL 389 A1 Children's Literature: Print Traditions C. Gordon-Craig MWF 1300-1350

Winter 2019

Course Title Instructor Time
ENGL 301 B1 Social and Cultural History of Genre J. Rak MWF 0900-0950
ENGL 302 B1/395 B1 Media, Culture & History M. Litwack TR 1100-1220
ENGL 305 B1 Literature and Religion L. Harrington MWF 1100-1150
ENGL 308 B1 Aboriginal/Indigenous Literature: Intellectual Traditions D. Woodman MWF 1300-1350
ENGL 309 B1 Aboriginal/Indigenous Literature: Literary Movements J. Abel MWF 1300-1350
ENGL 312 B1  Postcolonial Literature & Culture: African Writing in English O. Okome MWF 1100-1150
ENGL 339 B1 Early Modern Literature & Culture: Studies in Shakespeare C. Sale TR 1230-1350
ENGL 339 X50 Early Modern Literature & Culture: Studies in Shakespeare L. Schechter W 1800-2100
ENGL 341 B1 Restoration and 18th Century Literature & Culture: Restoration & Early 18th-Century Texts  L. Robertson MWF 1100-1150 
ENGL 349 B1 19th-Century British Literature: The Novel E. Kent MWF 1000-1050
ENGL 360 B1 American Literature & Culture:Race and Belonging in American Writing Cancelled TR 0930-1050
ENGL 362 B1 American Literature & Culture: Later 20th and Early 21st Century J. Varsava MWF 0900-0950
ENGL 367 B1 Contemporary Literature & Cultures K. Ball TR 1400-1520
ENGL 373 B1 Canadian Literature & Culture: Canadian Literature and Colonization K. Smitka MWF 1400-1450
ENGL 376 B1 Canadian Literature & Culture: Late 20th Century Texts M. Carriere TR 1100-1220
ENGL 378 B1 Canadian Literature & Culture: Contemporary Cultural Texts C. van der Marel TR 1400-1520
ENGL 385 B1 Popular Culture: Issues in Popular Culture: Social Media Networks J. Cohn MWF 1000-1050
ENGL 389 B2 Children's Literature: Print Traditions M. Morris TR 0930-1050
ENGL 392 B1 Queer Writing P. Buzny TR 1230-1350