ENGL 376 B1: Canadian Literature and Culture: Late 20th-Century Texts

M. Carrière

Whether Indigenous, Anglo-Canadian, and Québecois, national and postnational, or feminist, trans, and queer, several cultural works produced in Canada can be read with a close eye (and ear) on the legacies and the perpetuation of various forms of colonization, domination, and inequality of a white settler, patriarchal, and neoliberal state. These texts' strategies of resistance, intervention, and justice-seeking can and will also infuse our critical appreciation of their formal innovations and aesthetic explorations. With its late twentieth- and early twenty-first-century focus, this course will examine Canadian cultural production - particularly fiction, poetry, and film - in its historical, critical, and ultimately colonial context and decolonizing imperatives. Topics will include indigeneity; immigrant and diaspora experience; gender and writing; race and slavery, post-apocalyptic futurities, and the ethics of care.




  • Dionne Brand. Land to Light On. 1998.
  • Évelyne de la Chenelière/Philippe Falardeau. Monsieur Lazhar. 2011.
  • Marilyn Dumont. A Really Good Brown Girl. 1997.
  • Naomi Fontaine. Kuessipan. 2013.
  • Lawrence Hill. The Book of Negroes. 1997.
  • Thomas King. The Back of the Turtle. 2014.
  • Margaret Laurence. The Diviners. 1975.
  • Kai Cheng Thom. A Place Called No Homeland. 2017.
  • Rachel Zolf, Janey's Arcadia. 2014.