ENGL 392 B1: Queer Writing

P. Buzny

In this course we will read "queer writing," that is writing that draws attention to non-normative gender, sex, and sexuality. We will read a variety of different texts-primarily novels but some poems and essays, too-to probe literature for its queer potential. We will read some "canonical" queer texts, but given that queerness as a concept resists stasis and prefers disruption, we will move beyond the canon for a more capacious understanding of how queerness intersects with race, faith, colonialism, and historical narratives. Two salient questions to guide our analyses are: how do we define queerness? How does queerness change/stay the same in different texts?

Primary texts:

Joseph Cassara, The House of Impossible Beauties
James Baldwin, Giovanni's Room
Leila Marshy, The Philistine
Chinelo Okparanta, Under the Udala Trees
SJ Sidhu, Marriage of a Thousand Lies
Jordy Rosenberg, Confessions of the Fox
Joshua Whitehead, Johnny Appleseed

Custom Coursepack and online readings