ENGL 336 A1: Early Modern Literature and Culture: 16th-Century Texts

D. Gay

The sixteenth century witnessed major developments in English literature and the English language. In the early century, William Tyndale's translation of the Bible made this text available to English readers while challenging authorities that suppressed his work. By the end of the century, William Shakespeare was revolutionizing English drama and poetry while Edmund Spenser was publishing parts of The Faerie Queene, the greatest non-dramatic poem of the century. We will explore the century mainly in non-dramatic works by Tyndale, More, Lady Jane Grey, Queen Elizabeth, Philip and Mary Sidney, Christopher Marlowe and others. The period offers an opportunity to study topics such as the Protestant Reformation, the advent of humanistic learning, early modern literary theory, early modern women writers, and more.


TEXTS: The Renaissance and Early Seventeenth century (Broadview Press paperback).