ENGL 374 A1: Canadian Literature and Culture: Early 20th-Century Texts

S. Krotz

This course surveys the major movements and texts that shaped Canadian culture in the first half of the twentieth century. We will explore a wide range of poetry and prose, tracing the shift from the romantic sensibilities of L.M. Montgomery's wildly popular 1908 novel Anne of Green Gables to the modernist experiments of the later part of this period (which themselves vary from Sinclair Ross's bleak Depression-era prairie novel As for Me and My House to Emily Carr's eccentric accounts of Indigenous art and colonial landscapes in Klee Wyck). In addition to attending to developments of genre and form, we will also consider thematic questions such as how writers contributed to the construction of regional sensibilities, anticipated environmental concerns, forged relationships between colonial and Indigenous cultures, and interrogated the conditions of modern industrial capitalism.