ENGL 485 A1: Media Studies: Queer Gaming - Gender, Sexuality and Playfulness

J. Cohn

Since #gamergate, the place of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, misogyny and feminism within gaming culture has become an increasingly necessary discussion. Indeed, while #gamergate has put a spotlight on these issues, this discussion has been central to video games since the first consoles were released and the first arcades were opened. By tracing this discussion, this course will consider how our shifting cultural conceptions of gender, sexuality and ethnicity have always been central to the history of gaming. By focusing specifically on the many queer characters, queer games, and queer modes of play throughout this history, we will address how the white man-child has become the dominant image of gaming, and how this image has always been fallacious. In the process, this course will serve as both an introduction to game studies and queer theory.