WRITE 393 B1: Intermediate Fiction

T. Wharton

"Fragment, Flash, Fable"

Write 393 is an intermediate workshop course in the writing of short prose fiction. The course assignments will focus on the art of brevity in fiction, by working on "flash" stories and contemporary fables of 1500 words or less. Students will workshop two drafts during the term. Each week the class will discuss students' own written work as well as the craft and techniques of fiction-writing, with reference to works by published authors. There will be additional in-class or take-home writing exercises designed to help students deepen and further explore their workshop stories. The end-of-term final draft will be accompanied by a short essay on your writing process.

Students cannot register for this course online and must contact the instructor, Prof. Tom Wharton, for permission to join the workshop. Preference will be given to students with previous workshop experience. Students who have successfully completed a University of Alberta WRITE course with grade of B+ or higher will be automatically admitted on a first-come-first-serve basis. To apply, contact Prof. Tom Wharton at twharton@ualberta.ca. Please provide a summary of your writing/workshop experience, as well as your CCID and student ID number. You may be asked to supply a writing sample; if so, the sample should be 10 to 15 double-spaced pages of your recent work. Fiction is preferred, although non-fiction may be included as part of a writing sample.