WRITE 495 A1: Advanced Creative Writing: Fiction

T. Wharton

Write 495 is an advanced workshop course in the writing of short fiction, designed to follow from the introductory and intermediate workshop levels. We will study representative examples of published short fiction from various genres and traditions for what they can teach us about the craft of writing. Each student will have the opportunity to develop one story from a workshop draft to a final (revised) draft. The final draft will be accompanied by a short essay on your writing and revising process. Short take-home writing exercises will be assigned from time to time, and there will also be additional in-class exercises designed to supplement the process of developing your fiction. We will also spend time discussing the editing, publishing, and promotional aspects of the writing craft.

Students cannot register for this course online and must contact the instructor for permission to join the class. Preference will be given to students with previous workshop experience. To inquire or apply, contact the instructor, Prof. T Wharton, at twharton@ualberta.ca. Provide a summary of your writing/workshop experience, as well as your student ID number. You may be asked to supply a writing sample; if so, the sample should be 10 to 15 double-spaced pages of your recent work. Fiction is preferred, but non-fiction may be included as part of a writing sample.