WRITE 298: Introduction to Writing Nonfiction

M. Morris

WRITE 298 is a very special writing course. It is an workshop-format introduction to Creative Non-Fiction, great for those who just want to write non-fiction. But it's also great course for poets and fiction writers, as you will inevitably have to write non-fiction from time to time for income. And it regularly attracts those from other fields who know they are going to have to write in their future careers as professionals, and want to enjoy improving their non-fiction writing skills.

It's pretty concentrated: six weeks, every morning, but in reward you get 6 credits for it - not to mention the pieces you write in the course. There's nothing like this intensive Spring course anywhere in Alberta outside the Banff Centre for the Arts. And it's one of those rare undergraduate courses where you'll actually get to know everyone in the course.

We'll do travel pieces, memoir pieces, reviews, contentious pieces, and we'll end up with projects using the internet and electronic media.

The instructor, Mark Morris, is an award-winning writer who has written for newspapers and magazines all over the world, not to mention books, opera libretti, and theatre works. He currently writes for the Edmonton Journal.

As one student said of the course last year (in the official USRI evaluations): "This course and instructor were the most enjoyable that I've taken/experienced in three years at the University."