English and Film Studies

FS 324 B1: Monsters, Slashers and Ghosts

What scares you? Is it a chainsaw wielding crazed killer, a vampire attack, or a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies? In this course we will study the horror film as a means to interrogate our collective fears and anxieties. We take a chronological look at the horror genre over the course of film history from early silent masterpieces (NosferatuVampyr) through to Universal Studios horror monster classics (such as DraculaFrankenstein, The Mummy) and Hammer Horror B-movies. We will then turn to our current fascination with zombies, the paranormal, and the supernatural. Also under consideration will be the horror film’s intermediality, that is, how it connects to other media such as television (The Walking Dead, Bates MotelAmerican Horror Story) and video games.

Exact titles and topics to be determined.