FS 324 B1: Monsters, Slashers and Ghosts

L. Czach

What scares you? Is it a chainsaw wielding crazed killer, a vampire attack, or a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies? In this course we will study the horror film as a means to interrogate our collective fears and anxieties. We take a chronological look at the horror genre over the course of film history from early silent masterpieces (Nosferatu, Cabinet of Dr. Caligari) through to Universal Studios horror monster classics (Dracula, Frankenstein) to the rise of the slasher film in the 1970s, body horror, and post-modernism in the 90s, before turning to contemporary horror. Significant horror auteurs such as Tod Browning, James Whale, David Cronenberg, Brian De Palma, and Wes Craven will be considered as will key horror film stars including Lon Chaney, Boris Karloff, and Vincent Price as well as "scream queen" Jamie Lee Curtis.