FS 399 A1: Special Topics in Film Studies: British Film

E. Ostrowska

The course will offer a historical survey of British cinema in its political, social, and cultural contexts, focusing on its engagement with problems of national identity, class, gender, and race. In surveying its historical development, the most important cinematic movements and trends will be examined, e.g British Documentary Movement, the British New Wave and Heritage cinema. Additionally, the works of the most important cinematic auteurs, e.g. Michael Powell, David Lean, Nicolas Roeg, Mike Leigh, Stephen Frears, and Peter Greenaway will be studied. Included in the program will be a study of a range of film genres, e.g.crime dramas, comedies and costume dramas. A concluding debate will be on the ways in which the tradition of cinematic realism in British cinema has been redefined, contested, and appropriated to represent the multicultural reality of contemporary Britain.