General Course Information

Students must ensure that their course registrations are complete and accurate and that their programs accord with degree requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: Course listings are not necessarily final. Check this website often; changes will be made as new information on instructors, course descriptions, course additions or course cancellations becomes available.

Detailed information on selecting and registering in courses using Bear Tracks can be found on the Office of the Registrar website.

ENGL Courses:

  • Students require 6 credits of English at the 100 level (or equivalent) to register in any senior English course.
  • ENGL courses at the 200, 300, and 400 levels are not sequenced. Because courses at the 300 and especially 400 levels may presume familiarity with perspectives and approaches encountered at the 200 level, however, students may benefit by taking at least one 200-level course early in their programs.
  • Some 300 and all 400-level ENGL courses have variable content, which means that students may be able to take them more than once during the degree. Contact the Undergraduate Advisor or the Associate Chair (Undergraduate Programs) before registering in a course for a second time (or more) to ensure it does not duplicate existing coverage or material.
  • All 500 and 600-level courses are restricted to Graduate Students.


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