English and Film Studies

Graduate Courses

Please consult the University Calendar for a full listing of our graduate-level ENGL courses, not all of which are offered in a given year.

Below are our upcoming course offerings. Click on a course to see its description.


Spring 2018 

Course Title Instructor Time
ENGL 681 A1 Video Game Analysis and Theory Jonathan Cohn TR 1030-1320

Summer 2018 

Course Title Instructor Time
ENGL 695 BAMFIELD MARINE SCIENCES CENTRE: In Pursuit of the Whale Greg Garrard, Nick Bradley July 3 - 20, 2018

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Fall 2018 


Course Title Instructor Time
ENGL 567 A1 NeoVictorianism Eddy Kent T 1000-1250
ENGL 578 A1 Revisions of the Past Jaimie Baron M 1400-1650
ENGL 585 A1  Indigenous women’s/LGBQT Strategies of Disengagement from the English Language Marilyn Dumont  W 1400-1650
ENGL 591 A1 Anne  Carson's Strange Hybrids Cancelled W 1400-1650
ENGL 673 A1 Victorian Science Fictionality: The Hollow-Earth Novum in England & America Peter Sinnema M 1000-1250 
ENGL 680 A1 Race, Literature and the Colonial Subject Ono Okome R 1000-1250
ENGL 695 A1 The Idea of "The World" Cancelled M 1000-1250
ENGL 695 A2 Hunger, Mysticism and the Celtic Revival Robert Brazeau W 1000-1250

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Winter 2019 

Course Title Instructor Time
ENGL 567 B1 The Cultural Politics of Jane Austen: Then and Now Katherine Binhammer W 1400-1650
ENGL 575 B1 Visualizing Literature Harvey Quamen M 1400-1650
ENGL 635 B1 Literary Lawmaking, Early Modern England Carolyn Sale W 1000-1250
ENGL 681 B1 Reading and Popular Culture Danielle Fuller M 1000-1250
ENGL 693 B1 Beyond Amnesty's Book Shelf: Narrating Human Rights Terri Tomsky F 1000-1250

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