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Please consult the University Calendar for a full listing of our graduate-level ENGL courses, not all of which are offered in a given year.

Below are our upcoming course offerings. Click on a course to see its description.


Fall 2016

Course Title Instructor Time
ENGL 567 A1 Literary History: Print Culture and Early Modernity: Production, Circulation, and Networks in the First 250 Years after Gutenberg Sylvia Brown M 1000-1250
ENGL 569 A1

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Christine Stewart M 1400-1650
ENGL 591 X01 Canadian Texts: Canadian Literature: Nature, Wilderness, Ecology Sarah Krotz M 1800-2100
ENGL 680 A1 Post-Colonial Texts: James Joyce and the Philosophical Project of Modernity Robert Brazeau W 1400-1650
ENGL 693 A1 Literary Genres: Interactivity/Genre/Interface Jonathan Cohn R 1000-1250
ENGL 695 A1 Literary Themes: Maritime Modernities Mark Simpson T 1000-1250
ENGL 695 A2 Literary Themes: Reform, Riot, Revolution Eddy Kent W 1000-1250
ENGL 695 A3 Literary Themes: From Revel, Riot, and Rebellion to Revolution and Modernity: Popular Print Culture 1660-1832 Gary Kelly F 1400-1650

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Winter 2017

Course Title Instructor Time
ENGL 687 X50 Children’s Texts -- Phantasmatic Children: Literature, Childhood, and Psychoanalysis Nat Hurley T 1800-2100
ENGL 567 B1 Literary History: Capitalist Realism Katherine Binhammer W 1400-1650
ENGL 569 B1 Theory: derridAmerica Michael O’Driscoll M 1400-1650
ENGL 583 B1 Cultural Studies: Energy and Environmental Criticism Imre Szeman W 1000-1250
ENGL 591 B1 Canadian Texts: The US Border in Canadian Literature Albert Braz T 1000-1250
ENGL 673 B1 Victorian Texts: Victorian Conceptions of the Self Peter Sinnema F 1000-1250

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Spring 2017 

Course Title Instructor Time
ENGL 567 Printing the Renaissance: Aldus Manutius and the Modern Book Ted Bishop TR 1030-1320

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Fall 2017  

Course Title Instructor Time
ENGL 567 A1 Reading and Writing the English Bible in the Long Reformation David Gay F 1400-1650
ENGL 569 A1 The Politics of Affect Elena Del Rio M 1400-1650
ENGL 569 A2 Queer ReMarx Nat Hurley R 1000-1250
ENGL 578 A1 Media Archeology Liz Czach T 1400-1650
ENGL 583 A1 Resource Aesthetics Mark Simpson W 1000-1250
ENGL 586 A1 Movement, Time, and African American Writing Teresa Zackodnik W 1400-1650
ENGL 591 A1 Nature, Wilderness, and Ecology Sarah Krotz T 1000-1250

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Winter 2018 

Course Title Instructor Time
ENGL 567 B1 Collectivity Imre Szeman W 1400-1650
ENGL 567 B2 Political and Cultural History of Fun Gary Kelly F 1000-1250
ENGL 583 B1 Race, Modernity, and the Human Michael Litwack M 1400-1650
ENGL 591 B1 Canadian, Indigenous and Quebecois Metafeminist Practices Marie Carriere F 1400-1650
ENGL 635 B1 Shakespeare and the Commons Carolyn Sale T 1400-1650
ENGL 681 B1 The Surveillance Society Terri Tomsky T 1000-1250
ENGL 693 B1 Autobiography and Comics in Canada Julie Rak W 1000-1250
ENGL 695 B1 Melancholic Modernities Karyn Ball R 1000-1250

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