English and Film Studies

Film Studies

Every day, we watch films, download television shows, stream videos, and play video games. They have become fundamental components of contemporary life. The undergraduate program in Film Studies at the University of Alberta explores the history, theory, aesthetics, cultural values and effects of these media forms through the close analysis of individual works. Students study film and television as part of a larger transmedia environment that encompasses social media, gaming culture, digital platforms, and industry contexts. Looking closely at such media prepares students not only to understand particular works but also the vast and complex media landscape in which we are all immersed.

Our program includes the study of:

  • Film and television history and theory
  • Authorship, artistics movements, and aesthetic styles
  • Representations of gender, race, sexuality and class
  • National cinemas and media systems in a global context
  • Industry and production cultures
  • Reception and fan cultures

For full program information, please consult Section 44.12 of the University Calendar. Please also view our course listings.

Note: The Film Studies Program at the University of Alberta contains no production component at this time, although some courses involve a creative project of some kind.




B.A. Program with Major Concentration in Film Studies

Major in Film Studies requires:

*33 in FS or approved cross-listed courses. These must include:
  • FS 100 Introduction to Film Studies
  • FS 201 Introduction to Film History I
  • FS 202 Introduction to Film History II
  • FS 215 Film Theory
  • 6 credits in FS Genre/Theory courses
  • 6 credits in FS National Cinema courses, including either FS 309 Quebec Cinema or FS 310 English-Canadian Cinema
  • 9 credits of FS 400-level courses
Students wishing to major in Film Studies should take FS 100 in their first year, as it is normally the prerequisite for all higher level FS courses.

B.A. Program with Minor Concentration in Film Studies 

Film Studies as a minor requires a minimum of *18 in FS or approved cross-listed courses. This must include:

  • FS 100
  • 6 credits at the 200-level
  • 3 credits at the 300-level
  • 3 credits at the 400-level 
For complete information, consult §44.10 of the University Calendar. Please also view our course listings.